“I looked at several companies which were closer to home but after my initial site meeting with Felix (Managing Director) I just knew Homelodge were the best even though they are in Hampshire, which is a long way from Cheshire! Their level of service was incredible despite the miles. Homelodge worked through heavy rain, severe frost and snow and completed within the scheduled time. I was stunned by the efficiency of all the teams involved – right from the planning application through to completion. I now have a home to be proud of. The insulation is incredible, far better than you would get in a conventional house. Environmentally it’s superb. Financially it’s so economical to live in. My friends and family are amazed when they visit for the first time. I am thrilled with the home they built for me.” Mrs Mayne-Flower Granny Annexe based in Hough, Cheshire

Unique Building Solutions

A unique building solution

In 1986 we developed Homelodge – a practical, cost-effective and quick alternative that provides you with a high quality addition to your property.  Designed to be installed as a separate building anywhere within you garden, a Homelodge is an independent space versatile enough to suit any application, from additional living accommodation (such as a ‘granny annexe’) to an office for your business.We provide a complete service from start to finish, construction most Lodges within days – at a fixed price agreed before any work commences leaving you with a building that is guaranteed to give you many years of trouble-free pleasure.

Don’t worry about planning permission - We are experts in our field and have installed hundreds of Lodges over the years that have not needed planning permission including most annexes, (talk to us and we can tell you how!)  Should planning be required – don’t worry, we have a wealth of experience of obtaining planning permission and will act as your agent to handle all the negotiations with your planning authority ensuring the best outcome.

Many practical uses - Our self-contained Homelodge are ideal for as a granny annexe. As they are detached from the main house they offer both independence and privacy but obviously close enough to provide peace of mind. Our garden annexes are built to extremely high standards, to ensure your mother or father has a warm and cosy home all year round. 

Running a business within your house can blur the distinction between workplace and home and may customers find the ability to shut the door and leave the office behind at the end of the day a welcome change.  There’s also the advantage that a Homelodge can continue to be used while the main house remains secure – for instance while you are on holiday but require a member of staff to work.  This separation from the main building allows you to create an image that suits the purpose, from professional office to a relaxing therapy room.  For playrooms, music rooms, guest bedrooms or accommodation for an elderly relative, a Homelodge offers privacy whilst remaining close to the primary residence.  (Also keeping noisy teenagers and budding musicians at bay!)

And as well as adding a valuable asset to your property when you choose to sell, the fact that every Homelodge is built as a free-standing unit means that it can be dismantled and relocated elsewhere.  So should you move, you can take your building with you, therefore protecting your investment regardless of your future plans.

The Homelodge Range

We have designed a range of Homelodges which are ideal for the smaller commercial buildings or for a garden building. All our timber lodges offer flexibility of design but our product pages illustrate standard layouts with a price guide for your convenience, but if you do not see what you like please do contact as as we can bespoke a lodge to suit you.  Our Homelodge range of modular, insulated timber buildings are in regular use all over the UK as garden or granny annexes, garden offices, studios for artists and musicians, self-contained guest rooms and playrooms, to name just a few uses. Long gone are the days of extensive planning applications, and lengthy and expensive building works as the Homelodge range offers a permanent and highly attractive, yet affordable, alternative building solution.

Please note: Unfortunately at present we are unable to supply to Scotland and Ireland/Northern Ireland.

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