Good job, well done and appreciated

We have just received this very comprehensive review from our lovely clients Mr & Mrs Batley - "

Val and I just had to write to tell you how pleased and impressed we have been with your building and especially the team of specialists you have employed to create the final result.

 Your teams right through from groundwork to erection and completion of the building have been excellent. They all showed such dedication and precison in their work and worked so well together to produce a first class end result as well as ensuring the site was kept clean and tidy.

 The initial groundwork team, at the start of the first week, of Tony, Callum and Craig (Apolgies - I'm not sure if that was his name now!) and the team who continued their work of Johnny, Steve and Step-dad Steve interfaced well and did so much in just a week to prepare the site completely for the building.

 Then with Tom and Callum along with Graham, Craig and Paul in week two the building almost magically appeared out of nothing!


Alistair then appeared and did a first class job plastering the walls to start the process of turning a house into a home.


Of course, we spent more time with the final crew of Graham, Craig and Paul after Tom and Callum left after completing the roof but again the team work was very evident within each group as well as between the groups.


Having completely built a property ourselves from just four walls we were reminded how much goes into a property from skirting boards to electrics and plumbing to name but a fraction.


The guys worked very hard and their attention to detail made everything in the house look professional and again first class. They were very affable and took the time to answer any questions or queries we had about the build and the devices inside.

 Graham took us through each part of the house and its appliances before leaving and we truely felt that we given executive treatment.

 The guys who work directly for your company and the sub-contactors you provided all represent your company extremely well and especially Graham and his team who completed the interior provide 'Homelodge' a superb reference with their precision and first class building practices.    

 My father and even my mother will love it.

 Thank you and your teams once again for such an inspiring job.

 Best Wishes

 Brian and Val Batley