Holding Back The Years

Hey, hey we've just been on the tele!!!  The BBC series Holding Back The Years restarted this morning and Homelodge was featured regarding our Granny Annexes.  This programme deals with all aspects of our older years so this episode dealt in part with housing the elderly and the wonderful option of putting an annexe in the garden for elderly parents.  The feature was not to promote companies but it was the concept.  It featured a family talking about their annexe (not one of ours) and also featured Felix Bolger, our MD, as a annexe/planning expert (in one of ours).  The daughter & grandson was filmed as well as the 'granny' who was so happy in her annexe which at the beginning was with her husband, he sadly died not very long after moving into the annexe but with having her family so close by the lady was helped enormously through such a sad time.  This whole feature really echoed what we at Homelodge have been promoting for years - a home in the garden of your family where you will still maintain your independance but your family are there when you need them, even if it is for a cup of tea.  Also the design of each annexe is bespoke so 'granny' can be involved in designing her own new home.  Happy days.