How lovely - praise indeed

I know we blow our trumpet when we can but we received this email this morning and this is not just a thank you we were pleased about it was the beautiful sentiment behind it :-
“Dear Shirley,
I wanted to let you know how wonderful my little house is and how happy I am living in it. The building is just exactly as I had hoped, probably better. So comfortable, as you know everyone who sticks a head through the door says WOW I WANT ONE OF THESE.
Living with the family after years on my own is the best thing ever, I am in the middle of things surrounded by children and love and cuddles.
I am happier than I have been for years.
I would like to thank you all, but specially you, for everything.
So pleased I found your website.
Thank you Homelodge for changing my life to wonderful.
Shirley, if you ever are round here do come and look.
All best wishes from Pammy. “
This is what it is all about - our later years don't have to be lonely or sitting in 'Gods waiting room' in a care home, you can keep your independence but have your family around, as Pammy says, for love and cuddles but this solution also comes with the security to know your family are there when you need help or just to talk to someone.
Nuff said !