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Cafes & Bars

TheTwyford range is built using a 6m (20ft) modular system that increases in length by increments of 1.2m (4ft) and has a pitched roof with a unique hip end design, this gives the building character while minimising the full impact a gable ended roof can have on your site. Internally we take advantage of the vaulted ceiling whether finished with timber or painted it provides a light and airy room framed by feature timber trusses.

The Commercial Chatsworth range is very much suited to the Cafe & Bar use and is constructed in a similar way as the Twyford range but the width and length is totally flexible. These building have a trussless design with a central beam and gable end roof which provides a traditional pitched roof with a light and airy vaulted ceiling.

This range of buildings offers superb value for money and allows you to design a building to suit your exact needs and is a perfect for any location. Wonderful to work in & your customers will keep coming back for more.

Below are sample plans but we would be delighted to meet you and design a project to suit your needs.

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