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Granny Annexe

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  • Self-contained and Private
    • If you are looking to move an elderly parent or relative closer to your home, our granny (or grandpa) annexes are a great way to offer both independence and privacy with peace of mind having them close by. Our self-contained annexes are separate from the main dwelling and can be configured to suit the family’s needs.
  • Granny Annexes for Anyone
    • Our granny annexes cater not just to elderly relatives, but also young people moving back home from university, new families trying to get their foot on the property ladder and endless other living situations. While the term ‘Granny Annexe’ is most commonly used to describe self-contained garden annexes, it doesn’t mean you need to be a granny to use one!
  • Luxury Custom Design
    • Our garden annexes are designed with your needs in mind, giving you unmatched control of the final product. Our Heritage and Premier annexes include all amenities, including kitchen, shower/bathrooms, lounge, and bedrooms. We offer an extremely wide range of options for accessibility items tailored to specific needs. All Homelodge annexes are built strictly to meet the Mobile Home Act and exceed the insulating requirements of BS3632:2015, ensuring your lodge remains comfortable and cosy all year round. Also, by complying with the Mobile Home Act, VAT is exempt (except for appliances, carpets, and landscaping).




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